New Game = New Life

by Anti-PizzaBoy

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She Wants The D-Pad
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She Wants The D-Pad Good job man! I love it. Favorite track: Glorious Vigilante (feat. SWIMlovesyou).
Layne Wixom
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Layne Wixom <3 I love dat breakcore section, you guys make a good combo. Favorite track: House of the Dead (feat. A Challenger Approaches).
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Have you ever dreamed to be in the skin of your favorite game character? These things are possible only in our fantasies, as well as in video games themselves, when you are fully immersed in the game.

This EP has songs about 4 different characters in the form whose I could start a new life. First character - Zombie Hunter who is willing to destroy the vile monsters and deadly virus in order to save people. Second - Street Bouncer suggestive fear among the criminals of a large city, and believes that he will restore justice. Third - Crazy Maniac with a chainsaw killing people just for fun, and nothing more. And final character - Typical MMORPG Сharacters for whom the game world is a real dangerous place where almost everyone can die.


released February 18, 2017

Music programming - Glen Garnaga "Anti-PizzaBoy"
Vocals - Talon Tarter "A Challenger Approaches" (House of the Dead), Layne Wixom "SWIMlovesyou" (Glorious Vigilante) Micah Jordan "Shotgun Guy" (Chainsaw Party Inda House!), Daniel Almeida Gasalho "Thy Harvesting" (Virtual Nightmare)
Synth solo - Yury Koscheev "Lunatic Coffee Machine" (Secret Character)
Artwork - Yury Koscheev

Thanks to the all people who supported and helped me make the EP! You're the best! ^.^



all rights reserved


Anti-PizzaBoy Krasnodar, Russia

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Track Name: House of the Dead (feat. A Challenger Approaches)
Arrived at the scene
In disbelief at the horrors
This is the outcome
When mortals play God

Science shows us
Nothing’s sacred
Death is finite
With reanimation

Newfound life
Reveals unearthly craving

Empty eyes of bleach
Malodorous flesh decaying

Bloodless vessel compelled to feed
Shotgun blast to suppress their need

Life is once again denied
As bullets and gray matter collide

These creatures are not living
They are not of this world
They may resemble humans
But they are not our kind

Resist all
Of your temptations
To try and save the ones
You loved
These beings here
Are soulless monsters
Driven by a thirst for blood

Your brain is now
A tantalizing feast

Your entrails a luscious cuisine
For a ravenous hoard of beasts

Putridity is overwhelming
There is no time to waste
This frenzied mass of hollow ghouls
Are salivating for a taste

Fire, be my cleansing flood
To purge this vile abomination
Horrors multiply like Hydras
Lest guns yield eradication

I arm myself up to the teeth
With weapons I will take to battle
Armor, extra ammunition,
Devices meant to scatter shrapnel

Remains once confined within cadavers
Now soar through the air
Decapitated bodies twitch
As I subdue this hellish nightmare

Life is once again denied
As bullets and gray matter collide

These killings are justified
By ballistic mists of formaldehyde
Track Name: Glorious Vigilante (feat. SWIMlovesyou)
I’m the rock o’ Queens,
My body’s a machine.
My rhymes are sublime,
Like the cock in my jeans.
Ya wanna step to me?
I’ll turn your face into debris.
My pantomimes are war crimes,
I’ll smoke your ass like a tree.
No mistake, i’ve beat some bosses.
Wrung the necks of albatrosses.
You can’t stop this onslaught,
Blast your ass like a goddamn Dreadnaught.

I am a frigate:
The frog, you’re a cricket.
I haunt these streets,
like a vengeful spirit.
My skills are implicit.
This shit’s not a gimmick.
I’ve never been bested,
it can’t be mimicked.

It’s time,
To decide what’s right and what’s a crime.
The time,
Is now to make a peaceful maritime.
Fighting, for, justice,
Using, my, toughness,
For good, to shine,
a light, for all,
that may, encompass,
Those who face injustice,
Victims of corruption,
No more discussion!
Weather the storm,
Faces deform,
Knocking em’ out,
like chloroform.
Gatling fists,
Neck twists,
Eyes crossed,
I’m feeling bliss.
This Temptation,
For Decimation,
salvation is my inspiration.
Shining a beacon to fight every demon.
Bobbin and weavin and clockin’ the heathens.
Not gonna stop on my warpath,
Feeling the might of a psychopath.

I’ll fight!
For what’s right!
I will fight! (x2)
For what is right! (x2)
Ignite a light for every sprite to strike against the wicked! (x2)
I will fight! (x2)
For what is right! (x2)
To burn the blight, a plebiscite, a blast of righteous dynamite! (x2)
Track Name: Chainsaw Party Inda House! (feat. Shotgun Guy)
I see you're having a party
It looks like you're having fun
Well don't let your guard down
Because the party has just begun

All your friends have gathered
Just to watch you get slaughtered
Your children run and play
I might as well kill them today
My weapon of choice growls
Your screams then join the choir
This party is so fun, I'd say
But some would call me a liar

Chainsaw fueled human obliteration
Welcome to the party of mastication

Chainsaw blade spinning
The party is off the hook, man

All your friends have gathered
Just to watch you get slaughtered
Your children run and play
I might as well kill them today
My weapon of choice growls
Your screams then join the choir
This party is so fun, I'd say
But some would call me a liar

This chainsaw massacre is a party if you ask me
Blood filled pinatas and a killing spree
Track Name: Virtual Nightmare (feat. ThyHarvesting)
We are the prisoners to a virtual nightmare

Welcome to a world where we held no regrets
A single concept lead our problems to forget
A virtual dream deemed perfect at the seams
But by all means... things aren't what they seemed

Traversing digital horizons, we are the vanguard of hope,
Though we suffer a cruel fate, these coded ties won't stop us now!
We won't give in to this nightmare, we trained and honed our skills
Now my fellow guilds...let's face the castle of DEATH

Imprisoned in this mainframe, I've seen my friends fucking die
You will pay for this curse, I'll erase you from your own fucking game!
How could you be so heartless, trapping innocent lives in augumented Darkness!
Your self-absorbed nihilistic views, will be the death of you!

now we stand together, we hold our swords we hold our bows to these endless skies!
in honor of those who couldn't make it, your efforts, your dreams, will lead us to victory!

Entering the final floors, challenging the grandeur of foes
Warriors we strive forward, healers they empower us!

Opening the final door, finally we meet face to face,
With the clash of our blades, the time's now to settle our fates

The fabrics of this world....begin to crumble away
With your head in my hand, we awaken to salvation